Established in 2010, Nite Versions is a multi-genre experience exploring some of the greatest music on the internet. It was founded by George Yanakiev, and its title was inspired by Soulwax’s critically acclaimed album.

We believe that good music should not be downloaded illegally, but it’s great when everyone has access to it. That’s why we created the website — we want you to be connected with your favourite artists and bands, or even discover new ones, at any time and place.

You no longer need to be home in front of your computer to listen to music on Nite Versions. The new, mobile-friendly version allows you to stream tracks directly from your smartphone. Whether on the street or somewhere with friends, the only thing you need is a pocket and headphones.

Send Your Stuff

You can send over your stuff at george@niteversions.com or using the SoundCloud DropBox. Anything you send would be great! We carefully read all emails we receive.


If you own the rights to any materials on the website and do not wish them to appear here, contact us by emailing george@niteversions.com and they will be promptly removed.