Exclusive Premiere: Jupiter – Juicy Lucy

Everyone who often visit Nite Versions might know Jupiter very well – the Parisian duo of Amélie and Quarles whose first single “Starlighter” came in 2009. Three years later, they’re stll here for good, ready to release their long-awaited debut album.

Beneath “Juicy Lucy” there is a set of heavy beats, light vocals, sober yet chiseled production, sharp songwriting and melodic generosity. Although the album sounds exactly the way all of you know Jupiter, you’ll be able to find various genre transitions between boogie funk, italo, neo disco, arena rock, and event psyche pop with a hint of dub & reggae.

Nite Versions has the pleasure to premiere the exclusive minimix compiled of the records’ 11 tracks. We also had a small talk with Amélie and Quarles who told us more about it.

Pre-order “Juicy Lucy” on iTunes which hits the shelves on June 4 via Grand Blanc.


The album comes three years after the release of your debut single. What took it so long?

As a matter of fact our first single (Starlighter) was also the first song we ever wrote! The first song you write comes out easy, after that it takes a while to properly get into songwriting instead of just producing the same song over and over. Back then we didn’t have plans for an album, we were just trying out different things. We only started producing with this album in mind a little over a year ago.

Why did you name it Juicy Lucy?

We thought it encompassed many things we liked and quite frankly, it sounded sexy. Kinda like a Ohio Players album cover.

How does the album sound?

It’s got a bit of everything we like to play: disco, funk, pop but also instrumentals or rock music.

Who did you work with?

This album was done strictly on our own. We tried working with others, but we somehow always preferred our own versions. For a first album it’s a bit complicated to let go, so we went solo. We did however take a lot of outside feedback into account, but that was it!

There aren’t any tracks featuring vocal work from other artists. Why did you decide to keep it Jupiter-only?

More or less the same reason as the previous question. We wanted to, but it never seemed to quite fit what we wanted to do…

What were your inspirations while recording the LP?

Earth Wind & Fire, Grace Jones, Chic, King Tubby, The Clash and Telex.

What’s so special about Juicy Lucy? Describe it with three words!


What’s next for Jupiter?

Well the album comes out in June, so a lot of touring, a couple of remixes, collabs and some surprises too. ;)


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