Stream Justice’s new album, “Audio, Video, Disco”

Stream Justices new album, Audio, Video, Disco

You can exclusively stream Justice’s new album, “Audio, Video, Disco” before it’s released on October 24. One of the best albums for 2011! Xavier and Gaspard’s music sounds very grown, Queen-inspired, meant to be played in large stadiums.

P.S. Sorry for the ugly embedding. Use you mouse’s scroll wheel on the tracklist to view the rest of the songs.

P.S.S. You can stream Justice’s album with Nite Versions player, but I’m still using Le Monde‘s hosting to stream the files.

Justice - Horsepower Justice - Civilization Justice - Ohio Justice - Canon (Primo) Justice - Canon Justice - On'n'On Justice - Brianvision Justice - Parade Justice - New Lands Justice - Helix Justice - Audio, Video, Disco


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