Nite Versions Mix: Futurecop!

Nite Versions Mix: Futurecop!

I’m happy to announce the start of Nite Versions Mix Series. I asked some of our favorite artists around the globe to create a podcast exclusively for Nite Versions. And here we go, it is time for the very first one to be released.

NV001 was done by the London/Manchester duo Futurecop!. They are well-known for their riding uplifting sci-fi synths, optimistic 80s powerchords, dreamy beats and cute harmonies. Or described in their own words: “A childhood 80s TV soundtrack meets 21st century indie-electro.”

The Nite Versions mix by Futurecop! is dedicated to the legendary wrestling figure Randy Savage. The tracklisting includes sneak peak previews to two new Futurecop! songs. We had a little chat with the band’s members so you’ll find a little more about the release in the interview below.


01. Alan Silverstri – Robot Romp (Flight Of The Navigator OST)
02. Robots With Rayguns – Sugar Baby
03. The Drums – Me & The Moon (Clock Opera Remix)
04. Family Force 5 – Dance Or Die
05. Cut Copy – Take Me Over
06. Mr Mister – Is It Love
07. Janet Jackson – Escapade (Fiero Remix)
08. Saves The Day – Freakish
09. Futurecop! – The Only Way (Dreams)
10. StardonE – Love Fighter
11. Kele – Everything You Wanted (Fred Falke Remix)
12. Bag Raiders – Sunlight
13. Futurecop! – Is It A Crime?
14. Luther Vandross – The Best Things In Life Are Free
15. Def Leppard – When Love & Hate Collide


You probably already said this but why “Futurecop!”?

The name doesn’t really resemble anything like people think (i.e. Robocop). It’s a name we made that encapsulated our obsession with our childhood 80s movies and cartoons, anime, sci-fi, fantasy. It’s like an escape from reality for us more than anything.

We would love to create a cartoon around Futurecop! one day with our tracks as a soundtrack. It’s always been an idea we’ve had.

What’s the song you always want to play on your shows?

We tend to play a lot of funny tracks in middle of sets anyway. Check out the mix and you’ll understand. There are a few others we would love to play:

Enigma – Return to Innocence
Funeral For A Friend – You Want Romance?
New Found Glory – Dressed To Kill
Taylor Swift – Love Story
Sarah Dworsky – I Found My Way
Bon Jovi – This Ain’t A Love Song
Enter Shikari – Sorry You’re Not A Winner
Sigur Ross – Hoppipolla
Van Halen – Dreams
Ben E. King – Stand By Me
Bricklin – Walk Away

If you were a 80s sci-fi character, who would you be?

Hot Rod from Transformers.

Pick three favorite 80s tunes for us!

That’s really hard…

Robbi Robb – In Time
Stan Bush – The Touch
Sarah Dworsky – I Found My Way

And three favorite new artists at the moment?

Me vs Hero, Fiero, The Knocks.

What’s next for the band?

A new release within a few months. A release we have been working on for nearly 2 years, we are very exited!

Some of your favorite websites? Not trying to make you answer Nite Versions!


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