Nite Versions Mix: Kelton Prima


01. Casa Del Mirto – The End
02. Erodiscotique – Downtown
03. Greg Paulus – Nightime (Crazy Penis Remix)
04. Kraak & Smaak, Sander Kleinenberg feat. Ursula Rucker – The Journey (Kolombo Remix)
05. Matias Aguayo – Dance Machine
06. Midnight Savari – Rimshots
07. Kelton Prima – Peanuts Move & Coconuts Groove (Demo Version)
08. Diskjokke – 1987 (Richard Sen Remix)
09. M&G – Boogie Tonight
10. In Flagranti – Hollow Discourse
11. Unity – Heat Your Body Up
12. Kleeer – I Love To Dance (Dimitri From Paris Re-Cut)
13. Conforce – Grace
14. Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen – Forever Mix 2
15. Vakula – Skit


I’m glad you agreed to be on our Mix Series because you’ve got really interesting tropical / disco / summer night taste in you music that I really like. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Well, the inspiration comes from my mood of the moment. You know, I’m very versatile because I like different kinds of music. I’am not only focused on dance music.

I wanted to do a dance selection for Nite Versions because it was my state of mind at this precise moment when I began preparing my set. If I’ve waited one more hour then I could have done a home listening selection with chill-out tracks.

You’ll discover a progressive selection in different styles with up & down effects to live this mix like a trip for body and mind.

Tell us a little more about Kelton Prima. How did you start producing music?

Kelton Prima was officially born in 2008 when I prepared my first track called “Disco Tonic”. A few weeks after, J-Error (Disco Raline label manager), who is a friend of mine, listened to it and proposed me to do an EP so I agreed. But in fact, I started making music in 1990 when I was still a kid. I was influenced by the rave movement so I made a lot of things like techno, house, hip hop or experimental productions and live-acts. I keep my artistic direction with Kelton Prima but maybe I’ll change that when I’m fed up running this project.

I am very glad to do this, it’s an audio therapy for me. I appreciate it when I see people dance and smile, it’s a positive thing that we can share together. This is a state of brotherhood for me and for the other I hope.

This question might be hard but tell us which is the absolute MUST track you produced that everyone should hear?

To be honest I really don’t know, I have no pre-established formula. I primarily make music for me basically because it’s a way to communicate and to share feelings. For each release I try to do my best, but once my music spreads I have no control over it. This is part of the game.

Since you come from Paris, can you share some of your favorite French acts?

Since I returned to live in Paris, I only went to a few parties organized by some friends of mine. The last live concert I’ve attended was Discodeine’s in February at Le Point Éphémère. I mainly go to the D-I-R-T-Y and Jazz Attitude parties, and that’s all. The first ones are at Social Club and the second are at La Java and Le Batofar. I prefer to stay at home working, share time with my love, and see friends in quiet places with good meal.

Your favorite place to DJ is…

No favorites because I prefer to discover new places, it’s much more exciting. It’s always a challenge to perform in new conditions each time.

The last song you’ve heard today?

Well, I have many promo CDs on my desk and a dozen of digital promos on my hard drive which I began to listen today. The list will be a very long to mention!

There are two songs I was happy to hear this morning: the first one is “One Two Three (No Gravity)” from Closer Musik – an old project ran by Matias Aguayo & Dirk Leyers in the beginning of the 00’s on the german label Kompakt. And the second one is “Evogamanga” from the Gabonese singer & composer Pierre Akendengué from his Mando LP released in 1983 on CBS.

What’s next for Kelton Prima?

Three new remixes done for Marr (White Gloves), Hard Ton (Zingy) and Alvina Red (Enjoy Recordings), plus an edit from John Carpenter’s film “Escape from New York” (Disques Poney) on four French labels. A new 2-track EP on La Belle Records with one track played in the mix I did for your blog. So all that stuff is scheduled for the next days, weeks and months. I’am also working on a new EP including a collaboration with Alvina Red, who’s a very good singer and composer known for her collaborations with Hakan Lidbo, Pawel Kobak and Manuel Perez. There are other projects ongoing like remixes etc., but I prefer talking about concrete things now. And to conclude, I will have new club gigs soon!