Nite Five: Acid Washed

Nite Five is a place where some of our favorite names in music have to pick five tracks you should hear on a certain subject and tell you why did they choose each one of them.

I’m happy to present you Acid Washed – a two-man Parisian project of Richard D’Alpert and Andrew Claristidge known for their Chicago and Detroit influenced fusion of late nineties French house vibes and DFA disco touches. They have also worked on remixes of Kelis, Sebastien Tellier, DatA, Mustang and many more.

Before moving forward, listen to they excellent latest remix of Koudlam’s ‘I See You All‘, posted on Nite Versions two weeks ago. It’s also available for free download!

After the Fare Soldi (themed ‘Sunday’) and The Magician editions of Nite Five, here’s part 3: I asked Richard and Andrew to pick five tracks that we should play in the car. They thought of a long adventure through many great cities accompanying the songs they selected.

Acid Washed, “In The Car”

“Scotch & Chablis”
Von Spar

Driving between LA & Palm Springs, reaching the Ace Hotel with our friend Angel, for a break in our Californian tour… On your right, a game of shadows & lights in between the mountains…

“Music For A Large Ensemble”
Steve Reich

Driving between Berlin & Potsdam, the spring, the memories, the landscape: life is miraculous sometimes.

“Acid Eiffel”
Laurent Garnier

Driving after a set, between Grenoble – one of the major spot for raves & free parties in the 90s – and Paris, listening Andrew talking about his youth under influence.

“Love Machine”
Space Art

Waiting at the Starbucks as the garage returns my car, once again.

“Ghost Rider”

Driving in NYC, no reason but the thrill of it.


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