Nite Five: Beni

Sydney producer and one-man party show, Beni, was one of Modular People’s most exciting artists this summer. He has been remixed by names such as The Magician, Dimitri From Paris and DJ Sneak, and has recently released his debut full length, ‘House Of Beni’.

That’s why Nite Versions decided to invite him for a small talk on Nite Five and asked him to pick 5 tunes you will definitely hear in his house.

In case you’ve missed it, you can stream ‘House Of Beni’ in its entirety, or download Style Of Eye’s remix for his latest single, ‘Someone Just Like You’.

Nite Five: Beni

Beni, “House of Beni”

“I Still Love You”
Switch feat. Andrea Martin

What can I say… Switch is without a doubt one of my favourite producers, from his previous remixes of Mika to P Diddy, his productions for Major Lazer, Beyonce and MIA, this track seems like he has blended all his magic into one amazing song.

“Say U Will”
Cajmere & Dajae

Again, another of my favourite producers. It’s hard to find a favorite Cajmere track but I always seem to go back to this one, I guess it really sums up the Cajmere/Green Velvet sound I love so much.

“Pocket Piano”
DJ Mehdi

Speechless, exactly how I felt when I heard this track for the first time and exactly how I feel about his untimely passing. RIP my friend.

“Look Right Through”
Storm Queen

I remember when I first heard this I wasn’t sure if it was a hidden gem from the past or a new track that captures the perfect essence of house, turns out the later. Apparently Morgan Geist met vocalist Damon C. Scott busking in a New York subway.

“High For This”
The Weeknd

Damn, I know this will sound weird but it’s almost like all my favorite styles of music merged into one.


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