Nite Five: Saint Motel

When we first found out about the Los Angeles quartet Saint Motel in October 2011, we immediately digged their music. So it was a question of time for us to ask them to be a part of our Nite Five series.

They are true poets – you can learn this from listening to their songs. Before moving forward, stream two of them:

Saint Motel - Puzzle Pieces Saint Motel - At Least I Have Nothing

There’s a new single that they just released – ‘Honest Feedback’. As these guys told us, it is a loungy, rousing track complete with a few dah-dah’s, encompassing the feeling of springtime and dancing with a special sweetheart.

“The lyrical idea kind of happened by accident. In the writing phase, I was just singing gibberish lyrics to get the melody down. But I kept on saying something that sounded like “honest feedback”. When it was time to actually sit down and write the lyrics I was thinking, “I should probably change the lyric because no one likes to hear honest feedback,” but then I thought, “that is actually pretty fucking cool.” So we decided to just dive into a pretty taboo subject. Probably not the kind of subject matter you’ll be hearing in shampoo commercials but at least it’s keeping us entertained haha.”

Grab the song while it’s still available as a free download for a limited time only.

Saint Motel - Honest Feedback


We asked Saint Motel about five tunes to listen while you’re drunk. Kidding! They shared with us their top five weekend tunes at the moment. And yes, the best day to think about the weekends is Thursday when it both so near and so far away. However, I feel a little guilty because we did the Nite Five a while ago but it gets published just now. We still think their selection is cool for the next weekend anyways!

Saint Motel, “Weekend”

“The Look of Love”

His vocals inflections on the chorus are so amazing. Also, the music video is out of control.

“Te Amo”
Atlas Sound

Really love what seems to be a guitar arpeggiator on this song.

“Cry Little Sister”
Gerard McMahon

I actually heard this playing in a liquor store this weekend. Made me very excited. I love the backing vocals.

“For 12″
Other Lives

These guys are amazing. This song has these extremely haunting strings that I really love.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

It seems like if OMD would have put out their music today it would be just as relevant and successful. I dig the use of mechanical sounds in this song.

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