Nite Five: The Magician

Nite Five is the new section on Nite Versions where some of our favorite names in music have to pick five tracks you should hear at the moment and tell you why did they choose each one of them.

Sounds familiar? This is because you may have stumbled upon Erol Alkan’s “Five Songs You Must Hear This Week” feature on his website. I thought that something similar would be really suitable for Nite Versions.

Nite Five: The Magician

The first person to be featured on Nite Five is our beloved Belgian producer The Magician. His real name is Stephen Fasano, ex-Aeroplane, who has recently collaborated with Yuksek giving the birth to the explosive duo Peter & The Magician whose first single will be out on Kitsune on June 20. Plus, there is not even 0.001% chance that you haven’t heard (and enjoyed) his Lykke Li remix!

Having already heard the full-length Twist EP, I can say that the different music taste which both Stephen and Pierre got is co-working pretty well. You can decide for yourself by clicking the play button on the minimix below.

Peter & The Magician - Twist EP Minimix

However, it was a pleasure for me talking with The Magician who was so kind to share some of the tunes he listens to most right now. In the interview below you will also find out who was Stephen before music career and who inspired him the most; how did he united with Yuksek after *leaving* Vito; and is he releasing a debut album sometime soon.

The Magician, “Magic”

“When I Let You Down”

Probably the best italo disco track ever made. I’ve heard it for the first time on a BASF tape mix that my uncle has made. I was 8 or something. A bit later he gave me the record. I’m still playing it!


This track remind me when I was young boy. I remember, it was taken for a chocolate-milk advertising in France around 1979. Unfortunately, Jacno passed away last year.

“Gonna Be Sick”
The Dø

A mate introduced me to this today, I’ve press play almost 50 times since I got it! It’s awesome!

“Stay And Defend (The Magician Carribean Disco Remix)”
Wolf Gang

My upcoming remix, and probably the one that I’m the more proud of it. It’s very different that I made until now… Release on July 2011.

“Ancora Tu”
Lucio Battisti

Italia! My roots…

Nite Five: The Magician


You’re a magician, what is your special trick?

A magician never reveal his tricks!

Describe yourself before you started producing music.

I’m Belgian with Italian roots. I grew up in the dark industrial country side of Belgium. I’ve started DJing at the age of 13 when my uncle gave me 2 turntables, a mixer and his Italian disco records collection.

You’ve been collaborating with Yuksek a lot lately. How did it all start and how is it working with him?

Everything has started at Calvi on The Rocks festival when a guy said: “You guys should try something together”. Some weeks later, I’ve been to his studio, we made a track, then 2 other. Now we have an EP ready to be released and Yuksek is doing the final mix of my tracks as Magician.

What’s next for The Magician? Is there an album coming out?

The Magician EP and an other EP with Peter on Kitsuné. No album is planned yet but I’m working on some stuff. Also some new remixes are coming out. One for Wolf Gang and another one for Scenic!

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Serge Gainsbourg, Brian Ferry and the 80s in general.

Do you get pissed when you realize that a hell lot of people download your music for free?

No, I think that’s the game nowadays. So, I try to play with it.